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        Dr. Max High, D.Th. - LCMFT

Dr. Max High is a FACCT Licensed Christian Marriage & Family Therapist who is very passionate about couples, relationships, and marriage.  From the excitement of first love to the sweet enjoyment of a lifelong commitment, Dr. High is available to help couples enhance their marriage relationships and help them reach their full potential.  Dr. High is a Certified SYMBIS Assessment Facilitator, and is in practice to bring hope to marriages, couples, individuals, and families alike. 

Dr. High began his ministry and pastoral counseling in 1974 and, along with his wife Becky, has served U.S. Churches in Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, and Maryland.  For nearly 20 years they served as church planters and educators in the West Indies, where he was director of West Indies Christian Mission.  Dr. High now applies his extensive pastoral experience into full-time marriage and family counseling where he loves to help couples save, strengthen, and revitalize their marriages.

Dr. High is available for the following services:

*Marriage Counseling

*Pre-Marital Counseling

*Anger Management

*Batterer's Intervention Program

*Shoplifting / Impulse Control

*Grief and Loss Counseling

*STOP Program

Dr. High has authored two books:
Course Corrections: Biblical Strategies to Win Life's Biggest Battles -- and --
Seven Attributes of Healthy Churches: New Testament Principles to Transform, Renew and Revitalize Your Church Today.

Dr. High is a member of:
FACCT (the Federal Association of Christian Counselors & Therapists, Inc.)
National Christian Speakers Network

Dr. High is an alumnus of:

Ozark Christian College
Johnson University
Masters International Divinity School

To learn more about Dr. High, please visit his website by clicking here.