Sonnia G. Wagner is a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health (Naturopath) by the American Naturopath Medical Certification Board (ANMCB), Ordained Minister and Clinical Chaplain under ACPE.  She worked her internship at AdventHealth Kissimmee Hospital, LCCT Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist by FACCT, and presently works as a counselor at GFC Counseling.  

Sonnia was born in Ecuador but spent most of her adult life in Long Island, New York.  Upon her arrival to the United States, she only knew the Spanish language but taught herself English and Italian.  She graduated from Wilfred Academy in Cosmetology and Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics.  She attended New York University and graduated in Computer Science, has a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling, and a Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling from Florida Christian University.  Sonnia is a dual-licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician in both New York and Florida.  She is also an entrepreneur and a mentor for a lot of women.  She is the founder and owner of a skin care business in Islip, New York for over 27 years  (

While Sonnia was working hard at two jobs and going to school, her motivation was to be able to bring her extensive family of 9 siblings, her parents, and the rest of her immigrant family to America, and she inspired other immigrants in pursuing their dreams.  With God's help, Sonnia overcame all of the disadvantages of being a female immigrant with a thick Spanish accent and became a civil servant working as a law enforcement officer for the city of New York for over 25 years, for the Sanitation Police Dept. and later for NYC Dept. of Corrections.  Her last command was the elite unit Transportation Division from where she retired before moving down to Central Florida.  During her tenure as a Corrections Officer at Riker's Island, Sonnia always felt empathy and compassion for the inmates she came across during her career, she always wanted to help people who are struggling in a state of spiritual and emotional brokenness by offering her compassionate heart, good listening skills, and her presence. 

Because autoimmune disorders had affected both her health, as well as her father's, Sonnia personally took responsibility of her own health and enrolled at Trinity College School of Natural Health to learn how to heal herself and to help others understand how they can help their body, mind, and spirit to heal in a Holistic way.  She is also a Certified Health Specialist, Certified Master Herbalist, Certified 3rd level Bach Flower Practitioner (for emotions), Certified Nutritional Counselor, Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified in Domestic Violence. 

Sonnia's lifetime commitment has always been to be of service to others in helping them discover their true potential, gain confidence, and success in life with God's help.  

​​​      Sonnia G. Wagner, MCC - LCCT 

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