Groveland Family & Crisis Counseling

Faith-based Therapy and Evaluation Services for Central Florida

Welcome to GFC Counseling!  

Our normal office hours are Tuesday - Friday from 10:00am - 6:00pm.  We also have counselors that are available every other Saturday by appointment only, so please be sure to call ahead to schedule those appointments.  Every program and class that we offer are all done in-person.  Please call for pricing.

For general information, or for any other questions you may have, please feel free to call our office at 352-429-5600.

-To schedule an appointment

-For walk-in Urine Analysis (U/A) Tests (Drug, Alcohol, or Drug & Alcohol)

-For any crisis situations or special needs circumstances

-To schedule any Community Service Hours as part of your probationary requirements.

Since 1990, Groveland Family and Crisis Counseling has been serving individuals & families in central Florida.  GFC Counseling provides faith-based, professional counseling and therapy services to Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Sumter counties, as well as the surrounding areas of  Florida.  All counselors at GFC Counseling are licensed by FACCT (the Federal Association of Christian Counselors & Therapists, Inc.)  Our licensed counselors offer a variety of counseling programs to assist families, couples, individuals, teens, and children with their specific issue, difficulty, or need.

GFC Counseling is a non-profit, faith-based organization with professionals whose treatment is always consistent with scriptural principles.  The services offered are Biblically-based, although GFC counselors do work with people of all beliefs and varying backgrounds. 

GFC Counseling is respected by the Florida Court System and receives referrals from the county courts, probation officers, attorneys, and other state agencies.  In addition, GFC Counseling also receives referrals from local pastors and other church leaders from many denominations, and is a trusted resource that strives to bring help, hope, and healing to all people.

Anyone seeking spiritual guidance and therapy at GFC Counseling can be assured of 100% confidentiality. We pride ourselves in being able to schedule client appointments in a very timely manner - sometimes even same day, next day, or the same week as your phone call! 

GFC Counseling does not currently accept any insurances.  All treatment sessions or classes are client self-pay.

All counseling programs & services are offered in both English and Spanish languages.