GFC Counseling offers a wide variety of counseling services and programs, including both court-ordered and personal counseling for children, teens, adults, and families

Groveland Family & Crisis Counseling

Faith-based Therapy and Evaluation Services for Central Florida

Court Ordered Counseling:
*Child Supervised Visitation for non-custodial parents
*Anger Management
*Batterer's Intervention Program                                                         *Divorced Parenting Classes
*Domestic Violence Instruction Classes
*DUI Treatment (Individual & Group Sessions)
*Drug and Alcohol Counseling / Evaluations / Urine Analysis testing
*Mental Health Evaluations
*Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course (required for divorces involving minor children)
*Parenting Skills Classes
*Pre-Trial Intervention
*Professional Polygraph Services
*Sexual Abuse Testing and Treatment
*Sex Offender Testing & Therapy (previous provider of more than 20 years for the Florida Dept. of Corrections, now in private practice)
*Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment

Personal Counseling:
*ADHD Evaluation and Treatment
*Addictive and Compulsive Behavior Counseling
*Adoptive and Blended Family Counseling
*Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Management Counseling
*Arbitration - Florida Supreme Court trained
*Child Therapy
*Crisis Counseling
*Family Counseling
*Juvenile Evaluation and Treatment
*Life Skills Counseling
*Marriage and Family Counseling and Therapy
*Mediation - County, Family, Dependency, and Appellate
*Pregnancy Prevention Program
*Pre-Marital Counseling
*Psychological Testing and Evaluations
*Reunification Counseling
*Suicide Prevention and Counseling
*Temperament Testing and Therapy
*Women's Issues

Neurofeedback Testing -- Now Available at GFC Counseling!

The Neurofeedback Test is a non-invasive, drug-free technique that helps quiet the brain.  Used in conjunction with counseling, neurofeedback may help with the following:

ADD / ADHD - child, teen, or adult




Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Headaches / Migraines


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sexual Issues

Sleep Disorders



Spiritual Needs


Tourette's Syndrome