Neurofeedback - Brain Function Test 
Neurofeedback is a rapidly growing field, and can offer solutions to patients who need answers.

The Neurofeedback is a brain function test that may be of great help to those who have Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, other learning disabilities, insomnia, recent unexplainable behaviors, or who may have had a past traumatic brain injury.

GFC Counseling utilize an advanced neurological technology called a QEEG which produces a brain map that allows us to quantify the power, amount, distribution, and ratio of various brain waves.  To conduct the test, we place a comfortable skull cap upon the individual’s head.  This cap contains sensors that measure the brainwaves of various frequencies.  This is an entirely non-invasive reading of the brain’s activity and frequency patterns that does not involve radiation or injections of any kind.

Electrical signals are recorded by the cap and then processed by a complex software program and are compared to a databank of ‘normal’ brain signatures; statistically measuring "average" brain function.  If electrical activity is outside normal limits in a specific part of the brain, we know that that area may contribute to the presenting problem.  The pertinent location is compared to the client’s reported symptoms.  If there happens to be a match between neuroanatomy and symptoms, intervention is indicated.

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